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Concerns about getting Your Surgery during the Coronavirus Pandemic; Why Delaying Your Surgery May Not be a Good Idea

The reason elective surgeries were postponed was to ensure there were enough resources to slow down the spread of the pandemic, to prioritize emergency surgeries, and to minimize the risk of patients getting infected with the coronavirus at the healthcare facility. But in the current scenario, delaying your surgery any longer may not be a good idea.

  • The number of coronavirus positive cases has maintained allowing surgeries to continue. Hospitals currently are not overburdened with COVID-19 patients. There are enough medical personnel, personal protective equipment (PPE), and necessary medical supplies to perform elective surgeries.

  • Special precautions are taken to minimize infection risk. At the surgery center all patients, staff, and visitors are required to wear masks, checked for fever or other symptoms, social distancing is practiced in the waiting rooms, hand sanitizers are used constantly, and all contact surfaces are routinely cleaned.

  • Postponing your joint surgery can lead to severe joint degeneration. As a result, patients may need more extensive surgery and a prolonged period of postsurgical recovery. Delaying joint replacement surgery can also cause patients may also have muscle atrophy from not moving the joint due to pain which reduces likelihood of positive surgical outcome.

  • Cutting-edge surgical procedures speed up your recovery. Advances in the surgical procedures such as minimally invasive techniques and use of robotic technology ensures patients spend very little time in the hospital. Select patients may be discharged on the same day as the surgery which reduces risk of infection.

Many patients that have had joint replacement surgery state they wish they had performed it sooner. If your joint pain is not getting better with non-surgical treatment, don’t wait any longer. Book an appointment for an accurate assessment and personalized treatment recommendation.

Dr. Jacob brings cutting edge techniques and technology to the Oklahoma City area. He has extensive training in minimally invasive, rapid recovery joint replacement as well as robotically assisted hip and knee replacement. Dr. Jacob is a pioneer in outpatient joint replacement allowing some patients to go home the same day as their procedure and recover in the comfort of their own home. The cornerstone of Dr. Jacob’s practice is to have the recovery process be easier, faster and less painful allowing his patients to get back into the game of life. Dr. Jacob is committed to bringing the highest level of orthopedic care while treating each and every patient like a family member. Providing you with patient centered care you can trust.

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