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Post Operative Nutrition can help aid in your recovery after joint replacement. MEND Joint Replacement and MEND Repair & Recover are easy options to supplement your body with important nutritional elements. MEND is diabetic safe. MEND contains whey protein, derived from milk, making the products vegetarian but not vegan. MEND is completely gluten-free. MEND Regenerate also contains MCT powder, which means it contains tree nuts from coconut.

MEND should be taken one week before surgery twice daily, and continue to two weeks or more after surgery.

We will have a limited supply of the MEND Joint Replacement available for purchase in our office. Our patients can order directly from with the coupon code “DRPAULJACOB” for a 10% discount.

Surgery increases your body's need for nutrition

During recovery from surgery, your body's needs for additional nutrients increase due to stress, fatigue, muscle loss and general higher metabolic demand to repair damaged tissue.

Numerous clinical studies have shown that supplementing with targeted nutrients will enhance healing and recovery from jointreplacement surgery.

Better healing, faster recovery & fewer complications

MEND Joint ReplacementMEND Joint Replacement is a proprietary blend of essential amino acids (EAAs) that has been shown in multiple randomized clinical trials to help preserve muscle and enhance your return to function and mobility.

Additional research on EAAs has shown enhanced wound healing and fewer complications in other procedures.

See reverse side for how to take MEND.

Clinically proven benefits:

  • Randomized TrialsRandomized Trials
  • Safe for surgerySafe for surgery
  • Prevent Muscle AtrophyPrevent Muscle Atrophy
  • Enhance Muscle FunctionEnhance Muscle Function
  • Reduce Postoperative InflammationReduce Postoperative Inflammation
  • Improve Wound HealingImprove Wound Healing
  • May Reduce PainMay Reduce Pain

Supported by studies published in the most prestigious Journals:

  • Bone and Joint
  • JB and JS
  • JCI
  • AAOS
  • APS

Enjoy your recovery & building back quality of life

For optimal results, consume one serving of MEND Joint Replacement twice daily for one week before surgery and continuing at least 2 weeks post surgery. Two bottles of MEND make up the recommended three week protocol. Simply mix one serving of our MEND Joint Replacement with water, sports drink, juice or your favorite smoothie recipe! Visit for more recipes.

MEND Joint Replacement

Mend is utilized by:

  • Leading HospitalsLeading Hospitals
  • Leading Surgeons & PTsLeading Surgeons & PTs
  • USA MilitaryUSA Military

To order or for any questions, please visit or call 1-833-275-MEND.

Use discount code DRPAULJACOB for 10% off retail and free shipping.

MEND Joint Replacement


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