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Learn more about the latest innovations in knee and hip joint replacements and associated orthopedic treatments to improve bone and joint health; stay updated on healthcare news, and watch TV segments featuring Dr. Paul Jacob by clicking on the links below:

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    Dr. Jacob's Blog

    Welcome to My Blog. I strive to provide my patients and their loved ones with meaningful educational information regarding their health and joint replacement. I hope these tips and information will help enhance your patient experience, and provide a better understanding of your joint health.

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    In the News

    Read the latest health and medical information to help you make informed decisions about your health care concerns with topics such as cutting-edge surgical techniques to advanced pain management procedures.

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    Patient Stories

    Dr. Calvin Johnson's speaks about his knee replacement by Dr. Paul Jacob. Dr. Johnson is a leading orthopedic surgeon in Oklahoma City and an esteemed colleague of Dr. Jacob.

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