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Does CBD oil really help with musculoskeletal pain?

CBD oil, a derivative of marijuana, has been linked with relief of musculoskeletal pain due to conditions such as arthritis, back pain, joint pain, and fibromyalgia. It is completely legal in Canada and many states of the US; and many people are curious to know more about the medical benefits of CBD oil.



Here are some ways in which CBD oil can help with musculoskeletal pain:





  • Reducing neuropathic pain:CBD oil has painkilling components that interact with certain neurotransmitters to help control nerve pain in conditions like peripheral neuropathy and sciatica.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect:The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD which minimizes oxidative stress in the body can help to reduce pain caused by swelling and inflammation.

  • Reducing muscle spasms:There is strong scientific evidence to suggest CBD provides effective relief of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis which cause muscle stiffness & spasms.

  • Treating anxiety and depression:CBD can help reduce depression and anxiety levels which are known to increase sensitivity to pain.

  • Management of chronic pain:As compared to narcotic pain medications, CBD has fewer side effects and addictive properties and may be a better alternative to treat longstanding pain.

  • Improved Sleep:CBD has been reported to improve sleep quality in people dealing with insomnia due to pain.






Of note, CBD oil contains none of the psychoactive elements of marijuana, so you won’t get ‘high’ from using it. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, CBD acts as an antagonist to the psychoactive elements preventing you from experiencing the euphoric and giggly feelings associated with marijuana.





As a natural treatment for pain management, CBD oil may offer much-need relief if other types of conservative therapy fail to improve your symptoms. However, there may be occasional side effects such as fatigue, diarrhea, and changes in appetite and it is best to consult your healthcare provider about using CBD for your specific situation.





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