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Hydration Tips for Arthritis Pain Relief

Don't let arthritis stop you from being active this summer. Heat and humidity can trigger arthritis flare-ups, with barometric pressure changes contributing to swelling and pain in patients with knee and hip arthritis.

Proper hydration during summer is critical to lubricating and keeping your joints moving. Water maintains blood circulation and temperature, and it also plays a vital role in biochemical reactions, the delivery of nutrients throughout the body, and the removal of waste.1 Hydration helps fight inflammation by flushing out toxins, and can reduce friction between bones to help you get moving.

Consider these tips for staying hydrated this summer:

Drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep. Another glass should follow every meal. If you've just worked out, drink a cup or two of water. Stay hydrated all day long by drinking fluids gradually.

A balanced diet and adequate hydration are great ways to get on top of joint pain if you are experiencing an arthritic flare-up this summer. Your body consumes about 20% of its water through food.2 In addition to being high in water content, raw fruits and vegetables are also anti-inflammatory. Eating right, drinking plenty of fluids, and exercising are great ways to control your arthritis pain.

Enjoy being active this summer with proper hydration, and nutrition to lubricate those joints and help relieve inflammation and arthritis pain.

AUTHOR: Dr. Paul Jacob is a certified master surgeon in joint replacement and robotic joint replacement of the hip and knee in Oklahoma City. Dr. Jacob is recognized as one of the Top 3 Orthopedic Surgeons in Oklahoma, who has performed over 5000 robotic joint replacement procedures. Dr. Jacob is active in numerous research studies on joint replacement technology and robotic outcomes.

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