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Patient Satisfaction following a Total Joint Arthroplasty

Although most people wait until all other treatments have failed before considering total joint arthroplasty, it is one of the most successful orthopedic procedures. In fact, hip and knee replacements have been considered as standard treatment for end-stage arthritis over the last 40 years.

According to research data, between the years 2000 and 2008, the number of total joint arthroplasties doubled. By 2030 the total knee arthroplasties performed annually is expected to increase by 189% and total hip arthroplasties by 171%.

Here are some of the factors responsible for the high degree of patient satisfaction and success of total joint arthroplasty:

  • Robotic Technology: State-of-the-art surgical procedures such as robotic joint replacement and ensures there is less risk of human error when performing the bone cuts and implant positioning.

  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques: With the advances in surgical instruments, a total joint replacement can be performed through a single 4-6 cm incision with less damage to surrounding ligaments, tendons, and bone.

  • New Implant Materials: More than 85% of knee implants last longer than 20 years. If you were to undergo a total joint replacement today, the newer implants could probably last even longer.

  • Better Pain Control: More 90% of total knee replacement patients experience marked improvements in symptoms and can resume activities like golf that they had given up several years ago due to pain.

  • Faster Recovery: The length of the postoperative recovery period has greatly decreased in recent years. Most patients are encouraged to start weight bearing on the new knee or hip on the same day as the surgery. For the right candidate, total joint arthroplasty can be done as an outpatient procedure.

Some patients are so satisfied with the results that they wish they had undergone the procedure sooner!

If your hip or knee pain is limiting your lifestyle, visit Dr. Paul Jacob for an in-depth evaluation and treatment recommendation.

Dr. Jacob brings cutting edge techniques and technology to the Oklahoma City area. He has extensive training in minimally invasive, rapid recovery joint replacement as well as robotically assisted hip and knee replacement. Dr. Jacob is a pioneer in outpatient joint replacement allowing some patient to go home the same day as their procedure and recover in the comfort of their own home. The cornerstone of Dr. Jacobs practice is to have the recovery process be easier, faster and less painful allowing his patients to get back into the game of life. Dr. Jacob is committed to bringing the highest level of orthopedic care while treating each and every patient like a family member. Providing you with patient centered care you can trust.

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