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Precision in Motion: How Robotics Enhance Hip Replacement

Your hip joint provides an essential range of motion, allowing your body freedom of movement every day. When the hip joint is painful, limiting movement, hip replacement may be the next step. Robotic technology used in hip replacement can help your surgeon achieve better accuracy and precision in the joint replacement to get you back in action.

Robotic-assisted technology can improve hip replacement surgery in both precision and patient outcomes. Innovations in robotic technology make it possible for patients to recover faster and with greater success.1 The robotic system allows surgeons to plan, execute, and assess precise hip implant placement based on each patient's unique anatomy. The result isa hip joint that feels and functions more naturally.

Robotic-assisted technology uses 3D imaging and creates a precise model of the patient'ship joint. This visual of the site reduces the chances of in accuracies, which increases the success rate of the operation. Hip replacements with robotic assistance are less invasive, and this can provide many benefits, including:

Less tissue damage: Minimized incisions lead to less bone loss and smaller incisions that heal faster.

Quick return to activity: When there is less trauma to recover from, patients can experience less pain and limitations, returning to activities they enjoy quicker.

Reduction in complication: Because of accurate implant placement, complications like dislocation and leg length discrepancy get reduced, and revision surgeries and complications diminish.

Optimal joint alignment: Robotic technology can more accurately align and position a hip implant. This method ensures your new joint feels more natural, and causes less friction and wear, allowing for increased mobility and better function.2

Incorporating robotics into hip joint replacement surgery allows precision and accuracy that offers patients a better quality of life and return to an active lifestyle. The Oklahoma Joint Reconstruction Institute strives to achieve better patient outcomes through innovative orthopedic research and treatment options.

AUTHOR: Dr. Paul Jacob is a certified master surgeon in joint replacement and robotic joint replacement of the hip and knee in Oklahoma City. Dr. Jacob is recognized as one of the Top 3 Orthopedic Surgeons in Oklahoma, who has performed over 5000 robotic joint replacement procedures. Dr. Jacob is active in numerous research studies on joint replacement technology and robotic outcomes.



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