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Returning to the Tennis Courts after Your Knee Replacement Surgery

Tennis is a very popular sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It offers many health benefits and is not necessarily a high-impact sport depending on how you play the game. Here are some tips for returning to the tennis courts after your knee replacement surgery.




  • After the surgery, don’t start playing tennis until you have received clearance to do so from your surgeon. Strictly adhering to the postsurgical instructions is very important. Trying to rush your recovery could result in implant failure or need for a revision surgery.

  • Include sport-specific training as part of your physical therapy rehabilitation program. This may come later in the program after you have regained enough range of motion and strength in your knee.

  • Warmup before every game. Do some light range of motion exercises to get the blood flowing. Warming up the joint and supporting muscles reduces the likelihood of injury.

  • Try to play on clay courts if possible as these court surfaces are softer and slower than hard courts and there is less stress on your knee.

  • Start with playing doubles as you have less area to cover when running after a ball and playing will be less demanding on your knee.

  • Don’t overexert yourself. Be mindful of your new knee and don’t perform quick cutting movements or go all out to retrieve balls that are out of reach. Sustaining an injury to a ligament or tendon can affect your joint and take you away from the game for an extended period of time.


If you have chronic knee pain that is limiting your lifestyle, getting a knee replacement surgery may help you get back to tennis or other activities you enjoy. For an in-depth evaluation of your joint condition and a customized treatment recommendation, please call (405) 424-5426.


Dr. Jacob brings cutting edge techniques and technology to the Oklahoma City area. He has extensive training in minimally invasive, rapid recovery joint replacement as well as robotically assisted hip and knee replacement. Dr. Jacob is a pioneer in outpatient joint replacement allowing some patients to go home the same day as their procedure and recover in the comfort of their own home. The cornerstone of Dr. Jacob’s practice is to have the recovery process be easier, faster and less painful allowing his patients to get back into the game of life. Dr. Jacob is committed to bringing the highest level of orthopedic care while treating each and every patient like a family member. Providing you with patient centered care you can trust.



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