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The Importance of Research for Joint Replacement Patients

Like any other medical specialty, research studies contribute to outcomes and give us fact-based knowledge to make informed decisions about healthcare treatment plans. Fact-based outcome research studies are an important part of improving outcomes for hip and knee replacement recipients.



Documenting and tracking outcomes and participating in national orthopedic studies is an important part of my practice. My goal as a joint replacement surgeon in Oklahoma City, is to give my patients the best results possible and research gives me the information and knowledge to continuously improve my techniques and outcomes. I am an advocate of using the latest technology with clinical research outcomes as an important pillar in my joint replacement program.





At the Oklahoma Joint Reconstruction Research Institute, we are committed to advancing research and providing specialized clinical training in joint reconstruction using cutting edge techniques and technology.





Who We Are: Oklahoma Joint Reconstruction Research Institute (OJR2I) is committed to improving orthopedic surgery outcomes by supporting excellence in orthopedic research. OJR2I is dedicated to providing leadership in orthopedic research that enhances knowledge, information, materials, methods, and techniques in orthopedic surgery.





Our Mission: Provide resources for advancing orthopedic knowledge, information, and materials. Foster the development of new methods, techniques, and devices in orthopedics, with a focus on joint reconstruction. Leverage the experience of the surgical and manufacturing community to enhance the health and quality of life for patients in Oklahoma and surrounding states.





Our Vision: Oklahoma Joint Reconstruction Research Institute will be a leader in innovative orthopedic research to improve the function of all aspects of orthopedic care.





Outcomes of a joint replacement are what matter most to both me and my patients. My goal is to improve my patients’ conditions through improved clinical outcomes and clinical research. For an in-depth evaluation of your joint condition and a customized treatment recommendation, please call (405) 424-5426.





Dr. Paul Jacob is a leading hip and knee surgeon in Oklahoma City who pioneered robotic joint replacement surgery in an outpatient setting. Dr. Jacob has performed over 5000 robotic joint replacement procedures and actively participates in numerous research studies on robotic outcomes. Dr. Jacob is committed to excellence by achieving the highest patient outcomes with the Oklahoma Joint Reconstruction Research Institute, and has been published in The Journal of Knee Surgery, Journal of Orthopedics, Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics, Arthritis & Rheumatology, and The Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine.



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