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MotionSense is a connected wearable and app solution designed to engage and motivate you in your recovery from joint replacement surgery, while informing your care team of your progress.

* when connected to WIFI or cellular network. EnMovi maintains privacy and security policies
consistent with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Applying the MotionSense wearable sensors is easy - use the adhesive patches provided to apply the sensors above and below the knee on the outside of your operated leg every morning.

The data collected from the MotionSense app and wearable sensors are sent to your Care Team automatically*, allowing them to make more informed decisions in personalizing your care, and empowering you to learn more about your recovery.


  • Personalized exercise regime
    Personalized exercise regimeMotionSense guides you through your prescribed exercises by tracking your movement in real-time and monitoring your exercise performance from the comfort of
  • Track your recovery
    Track your recoveryVisually compare and review your progress over time, including step count, activity time and range of motion.
  • Rate your pain
    Rate your painHelp you and your Care Team to understand and manage your pain by indicating your pain levels daily.
  • Complete surveys
    Complete surveysFrom time to time, you will be asked to complete short surveys to enable your Care Team to better understand your pain, stiffness and ability to manage your everyday activities.
  • Send photos of your knee
    Send photos of your kneeKeep your Care Team updated withphotos of your wound progress and raise any concerns you have.
  • Monitor your recovery
    Monitor your recoveryWearable sensors are able to measureyour daily steps, activity and movement, allowing you and your Care Team to understand your progress and reach your goals.


Patient RegistrationAsk your care team how to get started with MotionSense
  • Step-1

    Select the App Store or Google Play icon, and in the search box type MotionSense to download your app.

    App StoreGoogle Play

  • Step-2

    After the MotionSense App has completed downloading, please select the app on your phone to begin registration

  • Step-3

    Enter the email address and PIN code sent by your Care Team (via SMS or email) and create your new password.

  • Step-4

    Once you’ve completed registration, you will be prompted to set up your new sensors with your Care Team.

  • MotionSense
  • OrthoLogIQ

The information included in this material is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a guarantee of future results or a substitution for medical advice from a healthcare provider. EnMovi does not practice medicine. Only a physician can answer your questions regarding your symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Before using MotionSense, always read the Instructions for Use (available at and ensure you understand the warnings and cautions on pages 12-15. Ask your doctor if you have any questions.

Warnings: MotionSense is intended only to be used by adults. Always use cable and parts as directed. Keep all cables and parts away from children and pets to avoid injury from strangulation, avoid choking on parts, and avoid damage to parts that may impact device performance. Always plug power cord directly into the wall socket. Do not use the power plug near water or get the power plug wet. Always use the supplied charger. Failure to follow these instructions may lead to electrical injury. Always position the power plug in the wall socket with the cable pointing downwards.

Cautions: MotionSense and associated exercise plans must only be set up by your care team. Always follow your care team’s advice. Only allow trusted clinicians to use your phone, as failure to do so may put your personal data at risk. Contact your care team if you experience skin irritation from the patches or sensors. Using MotionSense with irritated skin may result in further skin irritation or injury. Do not immerse the sensors in water or bend the sensors. Doing so may break or damage the sensors, and negatively impact your recovery progress. Do not charge the sensors while wearing them. Trying to do so may result in electrical shock or injury from excessive sensor heat. Only use supplied patches, never re-use patches and clean sensors regularly. Do not use MotionSense if it has expired. Using expired sensors may give incorrect readings. Never share sensors with other patients. Do not service or modify MotionSense. Do not use patches on your wound, as doing so may lead to an increased risk of infection. Do not use physical assistance during exercises. Physical assistance from anyone other than your Care Team may result in injury or have a negative impact on your recovery progress.

MotionSense complies with privacy and security policies consistent with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).


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