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Apps for Joint Replacement

There’s an app for that?

Joint replacement surgery is a life-changing procedure.  Hip and knee replacements are helping people of all ages live pain-free, active lives by improving joint function and quality of life.

The process for joint replacement begins with conversations with your doctor to determine if joint replacement is right for you. The process ends, not after surgery, but after full recovery - and there’s an app for that.

Apps like Stryker’s Recovery Coach are helping engage, educate, and coach patients through the process of joint replacement. These digital platforms enable patients to communicate through their computer or smartphone with their hospital care teams and receive helpful, timely content. 

From the time surgery is scheduled to 90 days after discharge, timely content is delivered electronically to the patient.  This beneficial content includes:

  • Pre-op preparation
  • Clinical protocols
  • Information about medications and pain control after surgery
  • Recovery and rehabilitation activities

Providing information at consistent points along the way helps patients have positive outcomes and optimal care throughout joint replacement surgery and recovery.

Educated patients have better outcomes, and I’m excited to have technology that provides beneficial, timely content for my joint replacement patients.  If you are considering joint replacement, ask me about receiving these helpful, timely texts through the process.  There’s an app for that. 

Dr. Paul Jacob is a leading hip and knee surgeon in Oklahoma City who pioneered robotic joint replacement surgery in an outpatient setting. Dr. Jacob has performed over 5000 robotic joint replacement procedures and actively participates in numerous research studies on robotic outcomes.

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