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After moving to Oklahoma in 2014 Dr. Jacob quickly realized that there was a great need in the state of Oklahoma for a Joint Replacement Center of Excellence. A place Oklahomans could go to find surgeons with additional training and experience in Joint Replacement. He envisioned a place that could serve the entire state of Oklahoma and surrounding states to bring cutting edge techniques and technology to this community. Oklahoma Joint Reconstruction Institute was formed in August of 2014 with Dr. Jacob as the founding member. Since that time Dr. Jacob has brought the latest techniques and technology to the State of Oklahoma. The most important step to ensuring a successful Joint Replacement Center, was the addition of his two Physician Assistants (Kristy Olivo and Randall Pape). He is excited to announce the addition of Mako Robotically assisted surgery to Community Hospital. He plans to continue to bring cutting edge advancements to the region to provide his patients with state of the art care.

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